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My Leadership Style - Week 1

As a natural introvert, I tend to stray from any leadership positions. That's part of the reason I chose to take peer teaching - to challenge myself and learn about myself as a leader. Because I am introverted and this is one of my first experiences actually in a leadership role, I definitely see myself as a quiet leader. I prefer to lead by example rather than to give instructions.

I experience anxiety in social situations quite often, but if I do have any strengths in socializing it is with kids younger than me. My mom is a home daycare provider so I grew up around children and am comfortable taking care of them. One of the challenges of peer teaching for me has been learning to apply those skills I used taking care of toddlers and adapting them to teenagers. The main difference has been learning the proper balance of independence for the kids. I'm used to having to constantly watch and instruct toddlers, but with grade 9 students like in my placement class they have a lot m…