Student Relationships - Week 2

When I first asked my placement teacher about becoming their teacher, they warned me about a particularly difficult student. The student was always saying disruptive things during class or would just walk out of class, and was often disrespectful to the teacher and never listened to her directions. This was a little bit intimidating at first but I was willing to take it on since I've had experience with misbehaving children with my mom's daycare.

After I actually got into the class and saw this student's behaviors firsthand, they reminded me a lot of a kid my mom used to babysit. Both the student and the child tended to be very loud and make derogative statements seemingly just to draw attention to themselves. They both also could be really pleasant to talk to at times. In my past experiences with the child my mom babysat, we got along quite well and he's become really close with my family. I've also observed how differently this kid acted with his family than with me: His parents weren't the most attentive and were short tempered so that caused him to act out to get attention, whereas I took the time to interact with the kid and became a big sister figure to him.

So through this past experience, I figured it was worth a chance to try that with the student who was acting out. Often times the only interactions this student had been when they were getting chastised, which would just encourage them to continue doing the misbehaviors that were getting him that attention. I decided to try to talk to the student in a casual way where he wasn't getting accused of anything, but just having a conversation. I'd ask them how their work was coming along or what they planned on doing. As a result, I noticed that the student acted a lot more friendly towards me than before or with teachers and peers. They now ask me questions about what they need to be doing rather than just walking out or causing distractions because they don't know, and they are actually happy to work on their assignments.

There are still days when the student behaves worse than others, but the fact that they have shown improvement I believe speaks volumes to how our interactions with others affect us.


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