Working With Different Learning Styles - Week 3

In every class, there is a large variation in learning styles but I find in an open level class, like the art class I'm placed in, has even more variation. This has been both a challenging and a good experience for me. It is challenging in the sense that it requires a lot of adaption to the way different students learn, but good in the way that it's exposed me to a broader set of skills to help people.

For example, I'm a kinesthetic type learner so I often try to teach things by having the learner try things and I use a lot of body language when teaching. But I've noticed some more auditory learners in my placement class get distracted by those things, so I've had to improve my ability to give verbal direction. Even when someone asks where something is, some students respond better to me pointing to where it is while others would rather be told the exact spot it's in. In one class the other day the students had to cut a large piece of paper into a certain size. Some students got the right size after just hearing the instruction, some had to ask for clarification and some needed an already made example to look at. When I try to help students with assignments sometimes I'll need to write out ideas, while other students prefer just having a verbal brainstorm or instruction.

This has been eye opening for me and shown me that there are so many ways to teach people instead of just getting frustrated or stuck when they don't get something the way you get it. Understanding how to work with different learning styles is not only beneficial to the students, but to me too.


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